Feet Scenes in ‘La Virgen de la Lujuria’

Mexico from the 1940’s. A submissive waiter is in love with Lola, a depressed and dominant whore. He only wants to submit to her feet, he is totally indifferent to the “normal” sex. Lola is a queen for him. She, in turn, enjoys her power of domination.
‘La Virgen de la Lujuria’ (2002 Mexican/Spanish Film) – Actress Ariadna Gil.


Melanie Laurent’s feet kissed

Nice foot scene featuring sexy actress Melanie Laurent having her pretty red polished toes kissed by a lucky bastard. I don’t know the source of the scene, but, it’s so damn sexy anyway.

Helen Hunt getting her toenails painted and feet kissed

I believe this is from “Mad About You”. Helen Hunt gets her toenails painted by her husband as she comments on the women in a Victoria’s Secret magazine. In the second scene we see the same guy kiss her feet briefly as they are together in the bathtub.


Maria Tzobanaki’s tasty bare feet!

Back to the 90’s, there was a greek tv sitcom titled “Kai oi Pantremenoi exoun Psyxi” on ANT1 tv channel. In one epidose we watched a scene with the beautiful Maria Tzobanaki’s bare soles and toes kissed by her lover while they are chatting in bed on Sunday morning. We found some screenshots of that scene. Enjoy!


Andrea Lopez in “Zorro” TV-Series (2007)

Andrea is a very beautiful Colombian actress with hot feet. We have three(!) different clips where she seduces an ungly man with her gorgeous bare feet in “Zorro’s”series. She drives him crazy by shaking her lovely soles in front of his face and eventually fondles his ridiculous beard and face with her feet. Enjoy!

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Calliope Tzermani – Tzeni Theona

In the greek film called “Tsiou”, we can see a lot of scenes with Tzeni Theona’s bare feet while lying on the couch and chatting on the phone. Later on, there is another scene where Calliope Tzermani has her pretty bare feet fondled and kissed by Errikos Litsis. Both Tzeni and Calliope have extremely hot feet, as you can see in this clip.


Rebecca Gibney Feet Worship

Rebecca and her lover enjoy a foam bath in a romantic scene. She drinks a glass of champagne as she rubs her soles on his shoulders. Eventually, this lucky man brings her gorgeous feet to his face and starts to kiss her red polished toes.


Eva Mendes feet kiss

Nice dark scene in which a man enters the bedroom and finds Eva asleep. He, then, starts to fondle her beautiful bare feet and place several kisses to them.


Tara Reid’s foot kissed

A very quick clip from the American comedy “Just Visiting”. In a close up shot, an old man kisses, several times, Tara’s bare foot. We can see her beautiful polished toes of her foot, as well.


Tara Reid gets her feet kissed

In the beginning of the thriller called “Devil’s Pond”, a young couple arrives in a countryside house for their honeymoon. In a scene that takes place in the woodshed, the man takes off his wife’s (Tara Reid) flip-flops and passionately kisses her bare feet.