Dira Paes Legs Scene

A really hot foot scene with Brazilian actress, Dira Paes. She rubs her gorgeous bare feet on his toy-boy’s face while talking on the phone. She really enjoys it and smiles sexy as she does it. The lucky boy seems to fucking enjoy it, too. This scene comes from the brazilian movie, “Mulheres no Poder”.


Ellen Barkin’s foot on face

She rubs her soles on his face. I can’t tell what she’s talking about but the guy behind the door is gonna blow. The film is called “Mac” (1992).

Feet Scenes in ‘La Virgen de la Lujuria’

Mexico from the 1940’s. A submissive waiter is in love with Lola, a depressed and dominant whore. He only wants to submit to her feet, he is totally indifferent to the “normal” sex. Lola is a queen for him. She, in turn, enjoys her power of domination.
‘La Virgen de la Lujuria’ (2002 Mexican/Spanish Film) – Actress Ariadna Gil.


Jessica Biel in “London”

Here we have a foot scene from the movie London with Chris Evans and Jessica Biel. Jessica’s feet are gorgeous, fresh and clean, ready to be sucked and kissed all the way up. She plays with her foot around this fucking guy’s chest and mouth, while, he offers a foot massage. She, also, wiggles her pretty toes just milimeters away from his face. Very sexy scene.


Rosemarie DeWitt’s Feet Licked

While in a vehicle Rosemarie DeWitt puts her barefoot towards the side of a guy’s face. Eventually, he can’t resist and bites her toes.


Hot toe sucking scene with Natalie Portman

The movie is called “Knight of Cups” (2015). Natalie’s feet are gorgeous, her toes are dreamy. Her boyfriend is one of the luckiest man in the world of cinematography. Watch this masterpiece toe sucking scene featured the bare feet one of the hottest actress in contemporary movies.


Andrea Lopez in “Zorro” TV-Series (2007)

Andrea is a very beautiful Colombian actress with hot feet. We have three(!) different clips where she seduces an ungly man with her gorgeous bare feet in “Zorro’s”series. She drives him crazy by shaking her lovely soles in front of his face and eventually fondles his ridiculous beard and face with her feet. Enjoy!

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Anna Maria Papaharalampous – “Kliniki Perisptosi”

Brunette greek actress Anna Maria, wakes up Giannis Mpezos by repeatedly touch his face with her great bare foot.


Eva Green’s feet in “Dreamers”


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Dreamy foot scene in “Dreamers”. Eva, lies fully nude on her brass bed, while, her blonde lover-boy has his face just between her bare feet. When she closes her eyes, he starts sucking her long toes and rubs his face on her soles. Enjoy the close-up snapshots.


Jewel Staite soles!

Hot foot scene with the wonderful red polished toes of Jewel Staite. Jewel is chatting with her boyfriend on the couch. She extends her gorgeous foot and taps his cheek with her toes. This clip is from an episode of the TV series “Firefly” (2002-2003).