Feet Scenes in ‘La Virgen de la Lujuria’

Mexico from the 1940’s. A submissive waiter is in love with Lola, a depressed and dominant whore. He only wants to submit to her feet, he is totally indifferent to the “normal” sex. Lola is a queen for him. She, in turn, enjoys her power of domination.
‘La Virgen de la Lujuria’ (2002 Mexican/Spanish Film) – Actress Ariadna Gil.


Sid & Nancy (Kiss My Toes)

A great scene from the movie “Sid & Nancy” where Sid (Gary Oldman) sucking the toes of her girlfriend Nancy (Chloe Webb) as she asked him to do………

Rosemarie DeWitt’s Feet Licked

While in a vehicle Rosemarie DeWitt puts her barefoot towards the side of a guy’s face. Eventually, he can’t resist and bites her toes.


Hot toe sucking scene with Natalie Portman

The movie is called “Knight of Cups” (2015). Natalie’s feet are gorgeous, her toes are dreamy. Her boyfriend is one of the luckiest man in the world of cinematography. Watch this masterpiece toe sucking scene featured the bare feet one of the hottest actress in contemporary movies.


Eva Green’s feet in “Dreamers”


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Dreamy foot scene in “Dreamers”. Eva, lies fully nude on her brass bed, while, her blonde lover-boy has his face just between her bare feet. When she closes her eyes, he starts sucking her long toes and rubs his face on her soles. Enjoy the close-up snapshots.


Clementine Celarie’s toes sucked in bathtub

Clementine is in the bathtub with her much younger lover. While they are chatting he touches her foot his mouth. He, then, starts kissing and sucking her beautiful toes. The scene continues as she places her feet on his chest and smiles.


Juliet’s (Jane Jensen) toes sucked

Tromeo Que (Will Keenan) sucks Juliet’s (Jane Jensen) toes in a bizarre film called “Tromeo & Juliet” (1996). Jane is very cute in this scene that takes place almost at the beginning of this clip.


Heidi Mark – Weapons of Mass Distraction (1997)

Cricket Page (Heidi Mark) lying on the bed in her bikini offers Julian Messenger (Ben Kingsley), a media mogul, a cigar. He instead picks up her foot and sucks her toe. She smiles as Julian continues sucking her toes. She is really sexy!


Julie Hagerty – “Beyond Therapy” (1987)

Prudence (Julie Hagerty), has a lingering close-up, in a restaurant, with her bare polished feet, propped up on a table. Bruce (Jeff Goldblum) is so impressed, he promply starts sucking her toes.


Zuzana Fialova – “Medvidek” (2007)

Zuzana Fialova (as Jutka) lies on bed with her husband, talking for something. She seems not to be at the moon, so he grabs her foot and tries to lick and suck her bare polished toes. She gets nervous and start kicking him in the face with her free foot. The scene goes on as he progress his sexual attack by putting his head between her soft legs and start licking her vagina. A very hot actress starring in this foot fetish scene. It’s a Czech film, by the way.