Rosario Dawson’s beautiful feet (Extrema scene)

Nice shot of Rosario’s feet from “Extrema”. She looks very sexy in this one. She rubs his back with her bare feet and makes him worship and kiss her foot just a few seconds later. A bit dark, but foot scene, anyway.


“Miracolo Italiano” (1994) – Cristina Garavaglia

The italian movie “Miracolo Italiano” has a cool scene where a woman (Cristina Garavaglia) is standing on the bed with her lover while he is talking at the phone with his wife. She screams him “Tell her you love her! Tell her!” and while doing so she pushes her foot on his face.

Beautiful Woman Rubs Nylon Feet on Man’s Face

From the motion picture “Love Crazy” (1941). Gail Patrick, stuck in an elevator with William Powell, removes her shoes and stands on his shoulders and head to climb out of the top.


Barbara Eden – face trampling

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Barbara Eden tramples a man’s face with her bare foot in the ground. She smiles as he vainly tries to escape. The movie is called “RIDE THE WILD SURF” (1964).


Brigitte Bardot’s barefoot trampling

One of the most gorgeous women of all times gave us one more reason to admire her. Back in 1956 film “And God Created Woman”, we see this goddess pressing a fainted man’s face against the sand, using using her whole bare sole.


Feet in face scene (The Nanny – TV series)

Trapped in an elevator, Fran Drescher, steps on Charles Shaughnessy’s head and rubs her nylon feet all over his face.


Foot scene – Charlie’s Angels

Lucy Liu offers Tim Curry a barefoot walking ashiatsu massage and rubs her foot all over his face.


Brigitte Bardot Feet and Soles!

Brigitte Bardot gets her feet worshiped by a guy in the first scene and in the other scene you can see her feet being bound!
These scenes is from the movie “À coeur joie” (1967).