Maria Tzobanaki’s tasty bare feet!

Back to the 90’s, there was a greek tv sitcom titled “Kai oi Pantremenoi exoun Psyxi” on ANT1 tv channel. In one epidose we watched a scene with the beautiful Maria Tzobanaki’s bare soles and toes kissed by her lover while they are chatting in bed on Sunday morning. We found some screenshots of that scene. Enjoy!


Andrea Lopez in “Zorro” TV-Series (2007)

Andrea is a very beautiful Colombian actress with hot feet. We have three(!) different clips where she seduces an ungly man with her gorgeous bare feet in “Zorro’s”series. She drives him crazy by shaking her lovely soles in front of his face and eventually fondles his ridiculous beard and face with her feet. Enjoy!

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Meg Ryan’s bare sole kissed

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It’s a dark scene but the only one I have with Meg’s feet/toes been kissed or sucked. In the movie called “In the Cut”, the detective (Mark Ruffalo) tries to put her whole bare sole in his mouth, while, she is sleeping on her bedroom.